October 11, 2018

Bringing science closer to the people: European Researchers’ Night in Bulgaria
The European Researchers’ Night is an important early event that takes place simultaneously across Europe and neighbouring countries. It aims to increase awareness of research and innovation activities, and to highlight the impact of researchers’ work on our daily life. It is also an event to encourage young people to embark on research careers.

On Friday 28 September 2018, fourteen Bulgarian towns took part in the European Researchers’ Night; among them Plovdiv, where the G2P-SOL partner Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute (MVCRI) is located. The MVCRI team organised an exhibition and the 160 visitors could taste pepper accessions and pre-breeding materials included in the G2P-SOL project. As the common theme was the “European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018”, the aim of the exhibition was to show how science and research can be used for the benefit of heritage (e.g. preservation of Solanaceae biodiversity).
The MVCRI team at the G2P-SOL corner ready to provide information and supporting material on the project.
Bulgarian kids enjoying the pepper tasting session.
The G2P-SOL project (Title: Linking genetic resources, genomes and phenotypes of Solanaceous crops) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 677379.