Work packages 

WP1: Work package 1 includes the development of a clear organizational framework and all necessary support mechanisms to enable a smooth project workflow ensuring that G2P-SOL can be fully implemented in time.

WP2: Within this work package, a worldwide community of Solanaceous crop genebanks will be established for the exchange of conservation protocols, guidelines and genetic materials is established. The available germplasm accessions and all existing related genotypic and phenotypic data will then be catalogued and core collections, representative of the global phenotypic and genetic variability, will be constructed for each of the four crops. They will then be distributed to the relevant partners for breeding, genotyping and phenotyping. The outcome will be  a common comprehensive inventory of the worldwide available G2P-SOL crop accessions.

WP3: Work package 3 focuses on genotyping the genebank accessions and pre-breeding materials by using highly-informative, low-cost, high-throughput methods. A serises of wild accessions, commonly used for introgression of useful genes, will be also re-sequenced. The results will be forwarded to work package 6 together with the phenotyping results from work package 4.

WP4: Within this work package, the G2P-SOL partners phenotype the core collections developed in work package 2 at multiple locations. The results of this WP and of WP 3 will be provided to work package 6.

WP5: Work package 5 focuses on Pre-breeding. It involves the identification and introduction of novel productivity, sustainability and quality characteristics from wild, non-adapted germplasm into elite germplasm adapted to field conditions and food systems.

WP6: Work package 6 acts as a hub for the management, analysis and integration of the inventory, phenotype and genotype data generated in the work packages 2 to 5. The partners commonly establish a user-friendly database for the management of germplasm collections, storage and analysis of G2P-SOL experimental data and identification of phenotype-to-genotype relations which will be available to end-users through the G2P-SOL gateway.

WP7: Work package 7 focuses on the management, dissemination, and valorisation of the knowledge generated by G2P-SOL. The tools will include the G2P-SOL website, publications, and dedicated training schools. The core collections, results and knowledge developed during the course of the project will be made available to a wide range of different stakeholders, such as European and non-European breeders, farmers, seed companies and the general public.
The G2P-SOL project (Title: Linking genetic resources, genomes and phenotypes of Solanaceous crops) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 677379.