March 02, 2017

MARITSA VCRI meeting G2P-SOL stakeholders in Bulgaria

The XXVI edition of the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA was held from the 22nd to 26th  of February 2017 at the premises of the International Fair Plovdiv.
This event, internationally recognized as the most successful agricultural forum in Southeast Europe, is a showcase for the new achievements and a compass for the current trends in the sector. It is a great chance to acquire new ideas and establish business contacts as over 40000 participants take yearly part to the fair organized with the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Bulgaria.
The event brought together members from all the different  G2P-SOL stakeholder groups as scientists, farmers, producers, policymakers, regional authorities, media took part. MARITSA VCRI represented the G2P-SOL consortium with a stand and a poster.
More info regarding the activities can be found on the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA website.
Image 1: A panoramic view of the entrance of the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA
Image 3: MARITSA VCRI meeting participants at its stand
Image 2: MARITSA VCRI Poster about G2P-SOL activities at the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA (Left click on the image for a PDF version)
The G2P-SOL project (Title: Linking genetic resources, genomes and phenotypes of Solanaceous crops) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 677379.